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Current Project

I am currently converting my book “Miss Lynn” into a play.

Theater Script Request

A copy of any of my plays is available to any theater for your consideration. It is being sent with the understanding that there is absolutely no obligation on either of us and production is subject to availability. Thanks for your consideration! *These fields are required.

Diabetes Can Kill You

“One of the best stories I have ever read dealing with surviving and bouncing back from the brink as a result of having diabetes related life threatening complications.” There are over 400 million people in the world who are diabetic. More than half do not realize they have diabetes. Every 6 seconds somewhere a diabetic Read more about Diabetes Can Kill You[…]

~ Other Full Length Plays

Thus far, Andy has written ten full-length plays: Long Live The Dead Pope ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast 7 (2F / 5M) August 26, 1978 the Catholic church’s cardinals elected Cardinal Santini to succeed the deceased Pope James. September 28, 1978, thirty-three days later, the newly elected, healthy pontiff was dead. Mysteriously no autopsy was Read more about ~ Other Full Length Plays[…]

Candy Apples

  Candy Apples ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast: 5 (4F / 1M) Candy Apples is a drama with Brenda Apple dedicating her life to remaining at home, caring for Lucy Apple, her ailing mother.  Jessie and Lynn, Brenda’s sisters are suddenly drawn into providing care.  For Jessie, a nurse, this comes naturally.  For Lynn (egotistical, Read more about Candy Apples[…]

Truth Pants

Truth Pants ~ 2 Act Courtroom Drama ~ Cast: 10 (3F / 7M)i Dr. Carl Anderson’s world changed on November 16, 2011.  His wife and four children were at the wrong side of a gun barrel and slaughtered as they waited for their dinner at a local restaurant.  Dr. Anderson was in surgery unable to Read more about Truth Pants[…]

Earth To Ellen

Earth To Ellen ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast: 5 (3M / 2W) Ellen, a relatively new widow and a devout Southern Republican, and her two grown children gather at Ellen’s Florida retirement home to celebrate Christmas.  Her son, Scott,  is a liberal columnist from New York and her daughter, Nancy, is a progressive Democrat from Read more about Earth To Ellen[…]

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