April 6, 2016

Life Don’t Give You No Makeovers


Life Don’t Give You No Do Overs ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast: 11 (7F / 4M) The play takes place in a hospital’s trauma center waiting room.  17 year old, Billy Hanover, severely injured in a high school football game, is artificially being kept alive pending the arrival of his mom who is away on a business trip.  Billy’s quirky (New Age) aunt arrives with his grandma who has lost her ability to speak as a result of a stroke (who now has a “voice” by ringing a bell and writing endless  notes).   There is another family in the waiting room.  They are black and have a son, Jonah, who has suffered with heart problems from birth through his childhood.  Jonah is also 17 and is being prepared for a heart transplant.  Friction between both families occur when Craig, Billy’s uncle arrives with his severe case of racism.  Although Jim, Billy’s dad agrees to donate Billy’s organs, his ex-wife, Billy’s mom, won’t hear of it especially after the hospital’s transplant donor coordinator refers to the procedure as Billy’s organs being harvested upon his death.  Peg responds: “Harvested?  Like some goddamned corn field in Kansas?”

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