April 7, 2016

~ Other Full Length Plays

Thus far, Andy has written ten full-length plays:

  • Long Live The Dead Pope ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast 7 (2F / 5M)
    August 26, 1978 the Catholic church’s cardinals elected
    Cardinal Santini to succeed the deceased Pope James. September 28, 1978, thirty-three days later, the newly elected, healthy pontiff was dead. Mysteriously no autopsy was allowed. Minutes after discovering the body, the Vatican claimed Mark Peter died of a massive heart attack. Just prior to his death, Mark Peter notified leaders who controlled the vast Vatican wealth, including the behemoth Vatican Bank, that on September 28, 1978 they were being forced to resign their powerful positions. With Mark Peter dead, it would be business as usual at Vatican Incorporated. A mere coincidence that the pope would die during the night before his changes in personnel overseeing the Vatican’s wealth were to have taken place?
  • Half Mile Project ~ 3 Acts ~ Cast 9 (5F / 4M)
    The “Half-Mile Project” is based upon the book “The Half-Mile Miracle” by Rocco Placente and Pamele Inzerillo. The play presents a gay love story between Rocco and Fred. They live in New York City and lead an active lifestyle. The brownstone apartment building where they reside has eccentric, certifiably-whacky neighbors. (I especially love Margo. She causes more drama in one day then most of us experience in a lifetime.) When tragedy strikes, Rocco and Fred are resolute in their determination to survive.
  • Rebel In The Ranks ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast: 7 (1F / 6M)
    Since it’s inception two thousand years ago, the Catholic Church has always been faced with the problem of dissension from within its clergy. Rebel In The Rank
    s plot deals with two present day priests and their desire to organize the other priests within their diocese into a priests’ association. (Fr. Cummings, bucking the bishop, is one of these priests and is no stranger to controversy: he has publically supported marriage equality.) The bishop fears that their actions will hinder his own climb in the hierarchy of the church, wastes no time in quashing the proposed priest association.
  • Caught Off Guard ~ 3 Acts ~ Cast: 9 (7M / 2W) OFFICIAL REPORT: 9:00PM. May 4, 1998. According to the official report, five gunshots were fired in the newly appointed commander of the Vatican Swiss Guards apartment. Colonel Martin Lautens and his wife, Rosa Blanco Vargas, were murdered by Lance Corporal Lukas Seifert of the Swiss Guards who then killed himself.
    Against the backdrop of a love story, “Caught Off Guard” questions this official Vatican report.
  • At Heaven’s Door ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast: 3 (2F / 1M) Since time began, we are mystified by what happens when we die. This comical farce deals with this issue as nine main characters (played by three actors) arrive at At Heaven’s Door and must wait there while their life is being reviewed. It is a study of contradictions: for example, a nun who you would expect to enter Heaven’s Door immediately has been waiting for over 50 years while one of the street “sistas” (a prostitute) is called to heaven shortly after arriving At Heaven’s Door.
  • Candy Apples ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast: 5 (4F / 1M)
    Candy Apples is a drama with Brenda Apple dedicating her life to remaining at home, caring for Lucy Apple, her ailing mother. Jessie and Lynn, Brenda’s sisters are suddenly drawn into providing care. For Jessie, a nurse, this comes naturally. For Lynn (egotistical, vivacious and extremely sarcastic), not so much.
  • Yola’s 90th Birthday Party ~ 2 Acts ~ Cast: 6 (3F / 3M)
    Yola and Elvira are spinster sisters who recently moved into a senior citizen apartment complex. Yola, elder of the two, has always ruled the roost while Elvira has been content to blend into the background; unnoticed and unappreciated. Preparations for Yola’s 90th Birthday Party (one might consider it a deadly celebration) are progressing almost flawlessly until Elvira in a fitful moment lets the building’s maintenance man have it. (Yola wonders “Elvira, why are you purposely trying to spoil my birthday celebration by killing that man?”) The party and party-goers come and go. Yola slips back into her role as queen bee with her servant, Elvira, close by. To add icing to this birthday cake, there are a couple of other deaths. Sounds like a party not to be missed, right?

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