My Reservation Has Already Been Made

The day before Christmas, my wife and I visited my stepmother who resides in a nursing home. With its six stories and contemporary design, the facility does not resemble a traditional long-term care home. However, once you leave the well-appointed lobby and the elevator doors part on the selected floor, you realize that you have Read more about My Reservation Has Already Been Made[…]

When Acceptance is Not a Virtue

by Elayne Clift, Guest Blog Contributor “We should give him a chance.”  “Once he’s in office things may well change.” “America prides itself on ensuring a smooth, orderly transition.” No! No, no, no! You don’t give plutocrats, oligarchs, or insipient fascists a chance. They don’t change when they win, they only grow bolder, tell more Read more about When Acceptance is Not a Virtue[…]

What time does the flight leave?

My cousin, Joyce Acciaioli Rudge, founder of the Splendor Of Florence organization, sent an email to me overnight with a link to this incredible, small Italian town. One third of its residents are over 100 years old. This Italian Village Has 300 People Over 100 Years Old “Leisurely meals, beautiful scenery, great wine—Italians pretty much have the good life figured Read more about What time does the flight leave?[…]

My Dad Owned a Spa

Don’t get all excited, ladies. Manicures, pedicures and lava stone massages were not on the menu at Andy’s Spa. Burgers, meat ball and sausage sandwiches were. Andy’s Spa was located on Charles Street in the north end of Providence, Rhode Island. A street leading from a steep hill, Christopher Street, was directly across from the Read more about My Dad Owned a Spa[…]

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